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Episode 51 - Matthew 16:18, What or Who is the Foundation for a Church? Analyzing the whole of Scripture. More Q&A, “Difficult” Passages

Posted on October 20th, 2018

In our introduction today, we'll begin a two-part exposition of Matthew 16:18. First, we will begin what is the significance of Petros and Petra. How are they related? How does Scripture deal with the terms otherwise? If God's Church has the Rock for a foundation, who or what is that foundation? The whole of Scripture has a certain and clear answer echoed consistently through both Old and New Testaments. We'll also deal with other issues, such as was Peter elevated above others? What did Peter say? What is the significance of Simon being named a stone? Is that singular to Peter? What did Peter say?

In our reading, Dr. Carroll will deal with more Questions and begin to handle “difficult” passages by the suggestion of his students. Especially, we'll hear about Acts 9:31.

In our Analysis, we'll settle the issue and establish a good foundation for understanding Acts 9:31.

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