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Episode 49 - Is Church a good translation for Ekklesia? Can a town be a Church? Boundaries of definitions. The relationship of Church to Kingdom.

Posted on October 6th, 2018

In our introduction we'll hear from a recent article from about whether Church is a good translation for Ekklesia. This will introduce some conundrums to our understandings about where the edge of reason lies. We'll use a town's recent claim to be a church as a springboard into a discussion on definitions.

In our reading, we'll discuss some of the errors introduced by the Universal Church Concept, the introduction of the word "Universal" into the so-called "Apostle's" creed, and the relationship between Church and Kingdom. We'll also have some Question and Answer time with Dr. Carroll. In our analysis, we'll discuss the concept of Church Membership. Is it Biblical? And we'll wrap up with an interesting look at the relationship between Churches and the Kingdom of God.

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