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Episode 48 - What is the Church? An Ungathered Gathering? What does the Bible Teach? An Introduction to B. H. Carroll’s Ecclesia (Ekklesia)

Posted on September 29th, 2018

We begin by introducing the subject matter for our next, short reading. What is the Church? How does the Bible speak of the Church. Is it an ungathered gathering? Is there a Scriptural distinction between types of Churches? (e.g. Universal or Local?) Where did the concept of the Universal Church come from? It later gained a separate modification of "invisible" – where did that come from? If the Universal Church does exist, how do the rules of Church discipline apply to it? How does Scripture address the whole of believers in every age?

In our analysis we'll take special notice of concepts such as General/Abstract and Specific/Particular. And close by taking note of what Ecclesia (Ekklesia) cannot mean.

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